Sitting at the Airport

I’m heading off to the airport for a 3 day business trip knowing next week’s race is a wash. Why? Well, as is typical, I’ll arrive in San Diego later this morning, head to my meetings and while I’ll be available to ride, I’ve got no real good option to get on a set of wheels and pedal for a bit. I’ll be sitting in a cycling mecca and not able to get a ride in because of all the hassles with shipping my bike (the effort and the $350 out of pocket).

Even if I don’t ship the bike, bike shops aren’t focused on rentals for more than the beach cruisers. Not to mention, they’re open/close times of 10am – 6pm doesn’t really fly because I don’t get out until 4:30pm and my flight leaves at 7am.

So, I’ll convince myself I’ll carry my fitness into next week while I sit on the broken down, big seated Lifecycle in the smelly hotel gym….

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