Interbike 2010

Overwhelming.  Thats the word that came to mind upon entering the show.  Its like the Santa’s workshop for cycling addicts.  Wall to wall the Sands Expo was filled to the rafters with everything bike.  Every size, shape, material, color of bike and every accessory imaginable was there.  Combine that with all the bike industry folks and superstar appearances and it was simply amazing.

While Velolet wasn’t quite ready for primetime, the goal for us was to do some real primary research and test our concept for bike rental out on people that understand the underpinnings of the industry.  Well, what we got back was nothing less than spectacular.  Lots of people shared their thoughts and that is going to really help us cover all our bases when we push our Bike Rental Hub out later this year.

The best part of the 3 day event was the 30 minutes that Greg Lemond spent with me talking about the concept.  He got it immediately, having other cyclist rent their bike to other traveling cyclists.  It really made us feel like we were on to something.

Overall, everyone we talked to (100s of people), we got great feedback.  Now, we know some people were just being nice but there was a lot of sincerity on the part of many others.

Can’t wait to launch the bike rental hub and get us on the map so next year at Interbike 2012, we’re not pitching the idea but talking about the success of the company.  Go Velolet!

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