New release features and updates

This release

  • Added Velolet Certified Concierge (VCCs) feature available to Bike shops, bike organizations and bike companies to earn income by offering pickup/dropoff storefront services and/or bike delivery services.
  • Added the ability to upload photos to a user profile (limited to 1 for now) This shows up on your bikes userpage or custom url landing page. It also shows up on the maps for any VCCs
  • Added “Public Profile Name” as an optional field for a user profile. If entered, it will take over for display in emails, pages on

Next release:

  • Bike Rental Rates – Adding hourly and weekly rate options to the current daily rate
  • Bike Shops/VCC’s Admin toolbox – ability to create rentals for Renters (i.e, in-store rentals); provide “override reservation rate” allowing an override of standard published bike rental rates for a particular reservation.  Minimum fees still apply

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