303Cycling: Velolet – The Bike Rental Hub Is Making Its Way to Colorado

Submitted by Ben Welnak on Mon, 03/07/2011 – 14:59.
in World Cycling News

Velolet.com, a unique bike rental service launched this year, allows bike owners, including both individuals and bike shops, to list their bikes and earn income by renting to other cyclists. Creator Dan Cleary came to 303Cycling to announce that Velolet.com will be making its way to Colorado soon.

The goal of the website is to make it easy for traveling cyclists to rent quality bikes. If you’ve traveled with your bike recently, you know the pain. The options are either pay the extra $175-200 to bring it along or pay less to ship through other services and be without a bike for a week before and after the trip. “If you travel, you know what the bike rental situation looks like a lot of times -pretty bleak. You can’t get to the top of any mountains in Colorado on a beach cruiser,” Cleary said. “Well, I guess you can…but why try when there are sweet mountain bikes and road bikes that are available.” The site also allows locals to rent bikes that they may otherwise be unavailable for demo.

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