Bike Rentals and getting the right fit.

How do I find a bike that fits me???

You may be an expert and know the exact size and specifications you require, but one thing we’ve found out is that not all renters know this information.

Some say that height is a good place to start.  It is, but there are many factors that go into finding that right fit.  As well as having somebody who knows how to fit a bike measure you and setup the bike to match the results of a fitting.

Where to start:
Competitive Cyclist has a great utility that will help walk you through the process of finding a ballpark range of bikes that will fit.  Starting with the type of bike you’re looking for, Road, Mountain Bike or Triathlon.  Key measurements needed are Trunk, Forearm, Arm, Thigh, Lower Leg, Sternal Notch & Total Body Height.  Save your results somewhere that is easily retrievable.  Those results will help you when you rent a bike and make the adjustments you need.

Other options are to go to you local bike shop and get fitted.  Many stores have “fit studios” that can provide exact fits and have trained staff to make the measurements needed.  They can fit you onto a bike immediately and make adjustments to really dial in the fit.  Some of these shops might include it with a purchase of a new bike, or will charge a fee to get fit.

For Example:
Erik’s Bike Shops in MN offer a few different options for fitting services.  Basic fits all the way up to a full fledged BodyGeometry fitting.

Some bikes shops with rentals on have additional services you can pay for online when you rent your bike.  Trisports offers bike rentals in Tucson Arizona and has a seat/minor adjustment for $15.

Check for bike shops near you to see if they offer the services and go get fit!
Bike Shops in Minnesota

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