Boulder Shop Shows Bike Rentals Are A Profitable Addition

As Bicycle Retailer kicks off its Denver Dealer Tour in Boulder, CO, they interviewed shops in the area asking them questions about their business.  One shop in particular that struck us, was Doug Emerson, owner of University Bicycles (U-Bikes) because he commented about how bike rentals can really be a great profitable addition to your bike shop.

…Doug Emerson …started University Bicycles …Emerson opened his first store in March 1985 in a basement on Boulder’s historic Pearl Street. He rented bikes. “I killed it,” he said with a smile. Renting bikes to foreign exchange students put enough money in his pockets to move a short distance up Pearl Street to open a full-service store.

Today U-Bikes, as most locals call it, sells upwards of 3,800 units a year—mostly Specialized—and his rental business is bigger than ever. This year Emerson said he will generate about $150,000 in rentals, which he then sells as used bikes. “It’s a very nice business,” he adds.

There are many places like Boulder and many opportunities to generate the kind of bike rental business that Doug does. At Velolet, we can provide you the in-house bike rental reservation platform that give you all the tools you need to manage your bike rental fleet and exposure your bikes to millions of travelers looking to rent when they travel. and we’ll send you the “quick start guide” to answer all your questions and show you how you can be up and running in minutes.

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