Bicycle Retailer: Retailers see rental drop-off [from bike share programs]. Get in front of them with Velolet

In Bicycle Retailer and Industry’s Year in Review they report that for 2011, “Retailers see drop-off in rental business as bike share programs take off in major U.S. cities”  Probably pretty frustrating for the Bike Shop we’re guessing!  So, what to do?  Well, get in front of these bike share programs by exposing your bike fleet to the travelers/cycling community BEFORE they arrive at their destinations by listing on Velolet.

Bike Share programs exist and they are a great way to allow travelers to see the city… but they don’t necessarily fit the bill for everyone.  What if you could make arrangements prior to taking off for you destination and get a ride that better suits your cycling passion from reputable bike shops that can really offer you something guaranteed to be there and something you would want to ride.  Perfect example, events like SXSW make bike shops and Velolet a strong alternative to the bike share programs.  Prior to your trip, you book your flight, hotel AND BIKE with Mellow Johnnys.  When you get there, you aren’t hoping to grab a bike-share bike, your week long bike reservation is there and waiting for you when you arrive.

Velolet makes it easy for the travelers to search a centralized and standardized platform for just the bike they need for the ride they want to do in their size.  Then let the travelers sign waivers electronically and make the reservation and payment so when they arrive, the bike is prepped and ready.

So, rental drop-off because of a bike share program?  Doesn’t have to be that way… get to the finish line first by letting the traveling cyclist rent from you before they even touch down at their destination.  Velolet

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