Twin Cities Business Magazine: Start Me Up – Turning Bikes Into Bucks

Although it doesn’t feel like it, spring is right around the corner. It’s almost time for one of Minnesota’s favorite warm weather activities: biking.

This year, Minnesota biking enthusiasts are in for a treat. Thanks to a local entrepreneur and his new online bike rental business, cyclists will have an opportunity to turn their hobby into a money-making venture.

Dan Cleary and his team just launched Velolet, an online platform that allows individuals to rent their bikes to traveling cyclists. The service provides a low-cost alternative for cyclists who want to bike while they’re away, but don’t want to deal with the hassle or cost of shipping their bike. For individual bike owners and bike shops, Velolet offers the opportunity to make rental income on their bicycle(s).

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303Cycling: Velolet – The Bike Rental Hub Is Making Its Way to Colorado

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in World Cycling News, a unique bike rental service launched this year, allows bike owners, including both individuals and bike shops, to list their bikes and earn income by renting to other cyclists. Creator Dan Cleary came to 303Cycling to announce that will be making its way to Colorado soon.

The goal of the website is to make it easy for traveling cyclists to rent quality bikes. If you’ve traveled with your bike recently, you know the pain. The options are either pay the extra $175-200 to bring it along or pay less to ship through other services and be without a bike for a week before and after the trip. “If you travel, you know what the bike rental situation looks like a lot of times -pretty bleak. You can’t get to the top of any mountains in Colorado on a beach cruiser,” Cleary said. “Well, I guess you can…but why try when there are sweet mountain bikes and road bikes that are available.” The site also allows locals to rent bikes that they may otherwise be unavailable for demo.

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The Breaking Story: New Online Website Puts Bikes To Work

A new website allowing cyclists to rent bikes or list their own bikes for others to rent launched this month and its founder is hoping Tucson will be home to the first rental.

Dan Cleary, the creator of, which he calls a bike rental hub, said the goal of his site is to make it easy for cyclists to rent quality bikes when they take a trip.

“If you travel, you know what the bike rental situation looks like a lot of times, which is a real cool beach cruiser. But that is not going to get you up to the top of any mountains any time soon,” Cleary said. “If it goes correctly it will be a central place where people will look for a rental instead of trying to do a Google search.”

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TECHdotMN – Velolet Launches Online Rental Service for Serious Cyclists

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Pedal biking has grown to become such a big part of Minnesota that Bicycling Magazine recently named Minneapolis the number one bike city in America.

It’s only fitting that new Minnesota startup Velolet (bike + lend) was founded here as a bike rental hub. Velolet connects bicycle owners — individuals and businesses — with an instantaneous global market.

The website consists of two sections: The first is the area where cyclists can list their own bikes for rent with a photo, description and daily rental price. The second is the default homepage where people can quickly search for inventory in a given location.

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